Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh, the glorious summer days of June!

Pull out the tools, pop open the grill, and bring on the meat and veggies!

One of our family’s favorite summer activities is grilling.  Sometimes we invite guests, or the girls will have over some school friends. Other times we might travel to my favorite vacation spot where I relax (yes, really!) by visiting local food vendors and firing up the hot coals. Wherever we are, whomever we are with, you’ll find us this month surrounding the grill oohing and aahing over the fragrances and freshness of food cooking over the open fire. 

Of course, I’ll have my stash of sea salts and seasonings to make the foods come to life.  Here are a few quick ways to use s.a.l.t. sisters products when you grill:

  • Sprinkle some Chile Verde over flank steak, grill quickly, and serve steak tacos.
  • When grilling salmon, use a full-bodied smoked sea salt like our Salish.
  • Try a dash of smoked sea salts on vegetables to grill or roast.
  • Grab a loaf of your favorite artisan bread, slice in half, drizzle on extra virgin olive oil, add some of our Tuscan Farmhouse seasoning, and place on the grill. Careful with this one, though; you’ll be tempted to throw away your toaster!

A friend recently used the Yakima Applewood naturally smoked sea salt on steak when grilling on Mother’s Day.  He said, “I rubbed just a pinch on each good-sized steak, and then grilled.” 

“These steaks were the most delicious I’ve ever grilled. I’m no expert at grilling meat, so I know why they turned out so amazingly well: the smoked sea salt did it.”

The options really are limitless, so just play with the sea salts and seasonings, and most importantly, have fun! 

Whether you’re grilling or cooking on a traditional stove, we would love to know some of your favorite ways of using our products. Send us a quick email and share your ideas with us! 

Remember also to support your local farmers through food co-ops, farmers markets, and sustainable agriculture. Doing so is good for the local economy, and fresh is the only way to go when it comes to vegetables.

One of the local sites carrying our products in Elkhart County is Mattern’s Butcher Shop & Corner Deli at 201 S. Main Street in Goshen. While you’re there checking out some of our sea salts and seasonings, purchase your grilling meat from Dustin, the owner.  All of their meats are of the highest quality.  Mattern’s also sells fish that arrives fresh every Wednesday.  Brenda and I did a sampling of our products there in May. We’re glad Dustin chose to carry some of our items, and he’s a local guy we’re thrilled to be working with.
201 S. Main Street
Goshen IN 46526
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