Wednesday, May 26, 2010

News from Atlanta:

Last month, Atlanta was home to 13,000 visitors at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show. Atlanta’s southern hospitality and the lovely people who visit the show made being there a truly delightful experience. We met lots of amazing folks who enjoy entertaining just like we do; they would stop by our booth, sample our product, and we would swap stories, making our long days feel more like a few short hours.

On Saturday, an Atlanta chef invited me to participate in the taping of a cooking segment for his local television show. It was an honor, a lot of fun and a great opportunity to share information about our fabulous products with the people of Atlanta!

If you didn’t catch us in Atlanta, another Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show is coming up this November 13 & 14 in Washington, D.C. We’d love to visit with you at our booth there. For more information, click on the “Find Us” tab at our website,

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