Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Raw Organic Cane Sugars Are Here!

Speaking of sweet…we’re excited to debut our raw organic cane sugar products! We are as excited about these items as we were when we rolled out our unrefined sea salts! Why? Because our c.a.n.e products, like our sea salts, are all-natural – no chemicals, colorings or extracts. Unlike their overly processed counterparts, raw sugars are only boiled a few times to remove impurities, with no chemical processing* or additives. (*Sometimes undesirable chemicals such as trace phosphoric acid, sulfur dioxide and formic acid are used in the refining of white processed sugar.) Less processing allows these sugars to retain molasses, which includes the minerals and vitamins that are refined out of white granulated sugar. This feature also causes them to be less of an “empty carb” than processed sugar, as processed white sugar offers no nutritional substance whatsoever. Raw cane sugar retains the same trace vitamins and minerals that are found in the juice from the sugar cane plant. These minerals can include phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

How do you use our c.a.n.e products? You’ll find the ways are virtually limitless! Here are quite a few suggestions:

~ Raspberry: Red Oregon Raspberries are the star ingredient in this beautiful, fuchsia-colored sugar. Rim a glass of lemonade with it, or add some personality to your morning oatmeal!
~ Wild Blueberry: For a fresh flavor, toss spinach, walnuts and a vinaigrette dressing with this sugar for a fruity summer salad. For a more savory approach, sprinkle over grilled salmon with balsamic vinegar for a sweet demi-glaze.
~ Lemon: Real lemon added to the raw cane sugar is clean and refreshing, never bitter. Mix with herbs and sea salt to finish off delicious roasted potatoes. For a creative twist, mix with sea salt and season peanuts with them.
~ Lime: Use whenever you want a crisp, citrus splash. Lime is an extremely versatile flavor. Combine with sea salt and use as a simple but tasty seasoning. It adds a refreshing pizzazz to grilled veggies.
~ Green Chili: This combination of sweet and spicy will make your taste buds tingle. The heat is a pleasant surprise that both complements
and contrasts the sweetness in the sugar. This raw cane sugar is a must-try on cheddar cheese scones.
~ Habanero: Sweet with a lot of heat! Use sparingly - this sugar delivers an exhilarating kick. If you like it “hot”, you’ll love this sugar. Works
nicely on seafood with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil.
~ Sweet Onion: An unpredictably special taste. Use on anything to add delicious “caramelized onion” flavor. This is addictive. Finish your
favorite creamy soup with just a pinch of this raw cane sugar. Or, top dinner rolls before baking or add to popcorn for a simple snack. Let
your imagination run wild!
~ Clove: Use on steamed or baked carrots, or make a mouth-watering glaze by coating the top of a ham just before baking. As an addition to
liquids, try sprinkling in eggnog or mulled cider.
~ Cinnamon: Dusted over apple slices, this makes a delicious snack. Or, use to top Indian-spiced basmati rice or tandoori chicken.
~ Vanilla Bean: Evoking the comforting flavor of everyone’s favorite desserts, we use premium Tahitian Vanilla beans to make this much-
loved variety. Try sprinkling on a pork chop before tossing it on the grill, or use with butter to candy walnuts.
~ Dark Cocoa: It’s chocolate sugar. Do you even have to ask? Top fresh strawberries with this, or add to pancakes or French toast.
~ Espresso: Real espresso is melded with the sweetness of cane sugar to create a unique and robust flavor. Mix with plain yogurt for a
morning pick-me-up.
~ Tangerine: With a fruity, tangy taste, tangerine sugar will add a freshly-peeled citrus burst to salads, drinks and desserts. Sprinkle on a
freshly-sliced grapefruit for an extra fruity burst of sugar.
~ Ginger: If you like fresh ginger, you’ll love this sugar! Fresh ginger is infused into raw cane sugar to create a sweet treat with a zesty zing.
Use in stir fry to add a sweet zing. Perfect on grilled salmon, and it will be your new favorite when added to a steaming cup of tea.

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