Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We Want Your Input!

    Brenda, my business partner and friend, and I are tossing around the idea of starting a “cook’s club” somewhere within driving distance of our homes here in Middlebury, IN.

    Our idea is to gather once a month and talk about a variety of cooking topics, from cooking style to recipes. We want the cook’s club to be high in participation and low in difficulty. Our goal is to demonstrate how easy it is to cook with healthy foods and to encourage you to reach for fresh ingredients as opposed to processed foods. Ultimately, we want the club to serve as a connecting point for folks in our community to gather, have a great time and get the creative juices flowing!

    We would love to get your feedback about our endeavor. Would you please e mail and share your ideas for our cooking club? Where would you want the meeting place to be? What would you like to gain from our time together?

Email me, Charmane, at

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