Monday, May 30, 2011

7 Reasons Why to Plan Your Menu

At our last Cook’s Club we were blessed to have Kris Hampshire come and share ways to effectively menu plan.  Kris owned a fitness studio for 15 years, where she taught menu planning to her clients and has now shared her expertise with us.  Her information was so insightful we wanted to share with you some of what we have learned. 

Top 7 Reasons for Menu Planning
1.     You know ahead of time what is for dinner.  No more last minute rushing.
2.     You can extract your grocery list from your menu.
3.     You buy only what you need, so there is less food wasted.
4.     You will have more variety and more interesting meals because you have thought ahead.
5.     Cooking is more enjoyable because you have planned ahead and you can try a variety of recipes.
6.     It’s healthy, because it cuts down on drive-thru’s
7.     It is cheaper, you buy only food on your menu, eat out less, and use coupons along with sales more wisely.

Please stop by our blog to check out our “8 Tips on How to Menu Plan”, along with “5 Helpful Resources for Planning your Menu.”

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