Thursday, May 5, 2011

Atlanta Metro Cooking Show Was Incredible!

This was our 4th time to travel to a Metro Cooking Show, one of the nation’s largest consumer and retail show that lures in thousands of shoppers, lots of energy and even more fun!

We always enjoy meeting up with foodie friends from all over the country and, of course, we’re thrilled whenever we can meet new people that create leads for our products to be sold in your local stores. Hint: look for us very soon in some Atlanta stores!
A couple of special highlights: On Saturday, celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis used an applewood smoked sea salt in her cooking demonstration! Because of that, we sold out of the Yakima Applewood Smoked Sea Salt in less than two hours after her demo!  We then recommended our Durango Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and sold out of it as well.  Thanks Giada!!
On Sunday, Metro Cooking Show founder Denise Medved endorsed our products immediately after Paula Deen’s cooking demonstration. Medved explained how she made a butter bar, mixing in our c.a.n.e sugars and flavored sea salts into the butter.  She had 4 different butters and by adding beautiful artisan bread, she quickly and easily presented a display beautiful enough for her fiftieth birthday party!
We’re always delighted when someone is pleased with our products, but when industry-shapers recommend our amazing pure unrefined sea s.a.l.t, c.a.n.e, r.u.b.s and h.e.r.b, we get downright giddy!
Thanks to all of you who “endorse” s.a.l.t. sisters by using our product. We’ll keep getting word out about the health benefits and great flavor of what we sell. We’re confident you’ll like what you taste!
For more information on our next Metro Show, in Houston this September, visit Hope to see you there!

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