Thursday, June 30, 2011

Why Sea Salt?

What is unrefined sea salt?  All salt is not created equal!  The table salt that most of us grew up eating is processed – its minerals are extracted and sold off, it’s bleached (which can leave behind trace chemicals) and iodine is added along with an anti-caking agents.  Unrefined sea salt is in its natural state – minerals intact, as nature intended.

Why is unrefined sea salt better for me?  Just like most foods we eat, the unrefined choices are better.  When salt is unrefined its make-up is most like our body’s own composition.  We process and metabolize it much more efficiently.  Plus, all of those “good for you” minerals are still present!  Of course, always ask your doctor, but we consider these the “healthy salts.”

There are so many options, how do I choose?  Our salts fall into three major categories: Classic Sea and Mineral Salts, Smoked Sea Salts which are cold-smoked for 48 hours (no artificial colors or flavors) and Flavored Sea Salts which are unrefined sea salt that has been “fused” with one other natural ingredient (again, no artificial colors or flavors).  Depending on your specific preferences and cooking style, we can lead you to just the right variety and type.

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